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Increases in property values over the years could be good news for those homeowners wishing to obtain a cash injection in retirement.

By releasing some of the equity that has built up in your home, you could have a tax free cash lump sum or a reserve to draw upon as you need it. And the good news is you can spend the money on whatever you wish; from home improvements to holidays; from helping your family financially to paying for a gardener or housekeeper.

Lifetime Financial Consulting Ltd works closely with an award winning specialist in the field of Equity Release. They only recommend lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans endorsed by Safe Home Income Plans (SHIP) or those that offer the same guarantees, which means you will never lose your home or owe more than it is worth.

Our partner offers a free initial no obligation consultation and we would be delighted to make an introduction on your behalf should this be an avenue you wish to explore.

Equity Release
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