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All investments carry a degree of risk. It is essential therefore that your adviser has a thorough knowledge of this complex area of financial planning as well as a wealth of experience from which to draw. This knowledge and experience helps to ensure that you make the right investment decisions consistent with the degree of risk that you are prepared to accept.

If you are contemplating investments of any kind, speak to us. Our specialist investment advice will go a long way to helping you make the right decisions that will best serve your goals.

  • Individual savings
  • On-shore and off-shore investment
  • Individual Savings Account
  • Unit Trust
  • Portfolio Management

When considering investment planning you need a specialist adviser who will ensure you are aware of the tax implications of your investment, looking long term and examining the advantages and disadvantages of every option.

For investment advice, Essex residents have been looking to Lifetime Financial Consulting Ltd for many years to ensure that the most appropriate options are selected having taken everything into consideration.

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Investment Planning

“The large variety of investment companies that my investments had been in have now been sorted out and which I can now rely upon, and I look forward to being reasonably sure that the hard work my parents put into their business will benefit their many grandchildren in the future. So I can recommend Mr Alistair Guy to anyone wishing to improve their investments, and looking after their financial affairs in the future". Miss P B

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